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Thalasso Spa

The Thalasso Spa at the Hotel Elba Estepona offers almost 1,500 m² divided into different zones:

Gran Club Termal, with jacuzzis, saunas, Turkish baths, contrast showers circuit, hots hammocks, igloo, upstream / countercurrent pool (35 m3), cold water pool (14 m3), swimming pool with hydromassage beds (52 m3), Japanese garden and eco-bar. All accompanied by with hot tea and water to maintain hydration of the body at adequate levels. The hotel also offers free bathrobes, towels, hats and slippers for the entrance to the Thalasso Spa.

The area for thalassotherapy treatment comprising of 12 high-tech thalassotherapy cabins, baths, jets, seaweeds wrapping booths, rafters massage, mud and massage showers underwater.

A large professional staff of a medical director, therapists, estheticians, physical activity instructors and massage therapists are responsible for maintaining a functioning and active throughout the enclosure Thalasso.

Price Circuit:
Mon - Thu: 29 € per person, 48 € for 2 people
Fri - Sun: 36 € per person, 60 € for 2 people.

Duration of the Spa Session: About 2 hours.
Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.
Includes free bathrobes, towels, hats and slippers.


Treatments and Programs

Treatments and Programs

The choices of treatments in the Thalasso Spa is wide and varied, choosing from traditional massages or decontracting massage to the popular chocolate therapy or the unique treatment of gold. View all treatments.

With the special programs at the Hotel Elba Estepona Spa you can maximize the full use during their stay. With a duration between 2 and 7 days you can enjoy complete anti-stress programs, rejuvenation, beauty, weight loss programs or smoking cessation (anti-snuff), among others. View all programs.

Spa for children

Spa for children

For reasons of child safety and greater relaxation of Spa customers, the time for children from 7 to 12 years is from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., who must be accompanied by an adult. All children under 6 years can´t access the Spa center.

The children have access to an outdoor pool especially designed for them with animations and entertainment. They can also access to the indoor pool, which is heated, during the winter months.

Thalasso Estepona

Therapeutic Applications

Thalassotherapy is applied in a variety of pathological processes, among which include:

  • Analgesic effect, producing a minority of pain both in specific areas of the body overall.
  • Acute or chronic processes of the locomotor system, such as osteoporosis, chronic rheumatism and disorders of the spine, among others.
  • Postoperative respiratory disease, trauma, or neurological condition in which functional recovery is indicated.
  • Pathologies of the respiratory system, asthma and pharyngitis removed.
  • Dermatological pathologies such as psoriasis.
  • Problems of menopause and puberty.
  • Prevents the appearance of rheumatic processes and physical disabilities.

Thalassotherapy is also highly recommended for mental processes, indicated for stress problems, depression, insomnia or fatigue. In these cases, besides the healing properties of thalassotherapy treatment, we add the qualities of the environment, peace, air, sun, sea... helping greatly to get the goal of therapy.

In addition to thalassotherapy helps improve tissue prevents cellulite, sagging and combat skin aging, so that is also highly indicated in the field of aesthetics and beauty.



Thalassotherapy is a method of therapy that uses marine elements as therapeutic agents (water, seaweed, mud...). The water is purified and sterilized to ensure the elimination of potential pathogens before any treatments. The origin of this therapy dates back to ancient Greece and Roman thermal baths.

The Hotel Elba Estepona Thalasso notable for its immediate proximity to the sea, which allows direct access to the Mediterranean, thus achieving a further properties of pure water. The opposite occurs with Thalasso away from the coast, whose waters are transported in vehicles where they end up losing much of its healing properties.

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