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Programs of the Hotel Villa Padierna Thermas of Carratraca

The team of professional doctors and specialists of the Hotel Villa Padierna Thermas has developed series of special programs based on uses medical properties of water.

In the Thermas of Carratraca you can find health programs to prevent or cure various ailment, weight loss programs or diet plans, beauty or anti-aging and relaxation programs.

The most effective programs are 1 or 2 weeks. But also there are the short programs. They can clear all your doubts about the results of the thermal waters of Carratraca

The thermal waters used in the Spa are tested periodically and the Royal Academy of Drugstore of the Institute of Spain takes charge of the above mentioned analyses.

All programs are available for all customers of the hotel.The included services will be able to be modified according to your wishes.


If you wish to change your dietary habits and start to live a healthier life, thanks to the Wellbeing and relaxation treatment, you will feel the benefit in just three days.



This Express treatment has been designed so you can take a break from your routine and dedicate a few days to yourself. It consists of treatments designed to detoxify your body and, in combination with the properties of the water, produces an antiaging effect.



We are fully aware of how weight problems can dominate our lives, being the source of many of our health issues. Therefore, the professional medical team at Villa Padierna Thermas has designed a weight loss programme, specially tailored to the personal characteristics and needs of each client. These programmes are based on the unique Medicinal-Mineral properties of the waters at Carratraca and in particular, on its powerful detoxifying qualities.

This programme is directed at people who suffer from weight problems, but have a keen interest in their health or simply wish to re-establish healthy eating habits. During their stay, patients will lose weight and volume through a combination of healthy diet, hydrothermal treatments, beauty treatments, physical exercise and a healthy eating plan based on seasonal produce.

SLIM & DETOX - 7 days

SLIM & DETOX Intensive - 14 days


Currently, we live in a culture in which society in general has a different attitude towards health issues with more focus on their prevention. This encourages taking up dietary concepts which seek to improve the way we eat, is clear on the need to live a more active and less sedentary lifestyle, and requires elimination of all the bad habits which can have a detrimental effect on our health. The Health Treatment Villa Padierna Thermas is designed to help the body fully recover in a short space of time and prevent disorders which stem from leading a sedentary lifestyle, such as muscular tension, joint pain, trouble sleeping, blood circulation disorders and general fatigue.

All the treatments in this programme are based on the Medicinal-Mineral properties of the waters, which are officially recognized by the "International Society of Medical Hydrology":
Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Anaphylaxis.
Repairing and regeneration of the nasal, pharyngeal and bronchial mucosa.
Keratolytic and keratoplastic according to the dose.
Regeneration of the cartilage.
Emollient and scaling in dermatosis eczema.
And as a preventative measure against diseases such as Cancer or Cardiovascular disorders as it has anti-free radical, antioxidant and purifying properties.



Tobacco consumption is a complex behaviour which can be explained due to two major factors: on one hand, it involves physical addiction, and on the other hand, it is the continuous action of smoking which makes it a behavioural habit.

Our medical and healthcare professionals, with the help of Natural Medicines and behavioural therapies, have designed a revolutionary and successful Treatment for giving up smoking. This programme, together with the Medicinal-Mineral properties of the waters, help our clients to break the habit with minimum effort and cleanse their respiratory airways, as well as their body, in just 7 days.

Nicotine is one of the most highly addictive substances known and tobacco smoking is responsible for about one-third of potential years of life lost due to cancer, about onequarter of potential years of life lost due to diseases of the heart and about one-half of potential years of life lost due to respiratory disease. But there is help available! Research has shown that people who get help to quit smoking from trained health professionals are 4 times more likely to be successful long tem quitters than those who try will-power alone. In particular, Cytisine, a plant based product has been shown to double your chance of success at quitting.


Restart program

Put the counter to zero, with our special program of healthy cooking. In this program of four days and three nights, our chef and nutritionist Andrés Ruiz, teaches you in your classes how it is possible to take care of yourself without giving up the pleasure of eating

Restart program

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